Schamanische Symbole auf Birkenrinde

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The ancient friendship of trees and humans

The ancient friendship of trees and humans

Trees existed on Earth before humans. First they prepared the planet for the arrival of land animals (bringing up the oxygen levels of the atmosphere to a required level, balancing air electricity, stabilising the climate,…). Then our ancestors learnt beneath trees to stay level-headed, to contemplate the meaning of life and give thanks to nature.

Before humans spent most of their time staring at screens like this one they had two great teachers: Nature, and their intuition, the voice of their heart. It doesn't matter that sometimes these two cannot be told apart because Nature is not only 'out there', it is also inside of us.

A deeper look at Nature and at what we have lost in the past can be a way to heal the mental split in human society, and through that contribute to the healing of this wonderful planet; to create a world in which all species – plant, animal and human (and many others) – can flourish.


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